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Delhi: Nehru Park, Mumbai: Nana Nani Park 1st Parking Gate on Niti Marg, Delhi

While CIOs and other C-suit executives are busy in improving the health of their respective organisations often their own health takes the backseat.For an organisation to remain healthy it is of paramount importance that their employees are healthy and happy. This is more crucial for C-Suit employees as they deal in stressful situations while making decisions, which are crucial for the future and survival of the organisations.

Gyan Hub :Driving Profitability, Business Agility through Tech. enablement

India Glycols Plot 2B, Sector 126, Landmark – Lotus Valley International School or Havells Office, Noida

Each day there are demands on you to deliver systems which help business to be agile and profitable. Business needs to be profitable to survive and you need to be agile to survive. Atul Govil, CIO, India Glycols, who is also leading a company wide project on Business Transformation has found the mantra to drive […]