This is a second year for me for the 100 days running challenge. To me its more than just running as it challenges me to test my determination and will power as well. Apart from the physical fitness one needs to have to take up such challenges. Several times in these 100 days, your body wants to give up…… Either for the fatigue it is going through or because of the circumstances….But often your mind and will power wins over your body fatigue and makes you go for the run. Just to cite an example, in last season on a Sunday evening I did a run in Belgaum. Post the run took a bus to Mumbai in the night to reach Mumbai only by 8 am on Monday morning. Obviously in a hurry to reach office in time, had to miss the morning run. It was a crazy Monday in office and by the time I reached back home, it was 11.20 pm. For a moment I felt I will give up….But then thought of the efforts that I had put in to reach till that and the balance efforts required to complete the challenge. I also thought of the promise that I had made to myself. So went for a run after freshening up at 11.45 pm and did a 2 km tick mark run.

So this challenge to me is not only is important to test my fitness and stamina , but to test a vigor to achieve something. Undoubtedly, this trait helps in professional life as well.

All the Best for all the people who are willing to take this challenge in future.