100 Days Of Running- Story of Balwant

This is the third time I took 100 days running challenge.  The benefit of taking this challenge is to continue running even in tough summer months. This challenge comes in summer time when one has all the excuses to ditch the workout but this challenge ensure one to move out.

I am sure everybody whoever participated in this challenge now has stories and proud feeling that how they were able to plan their runs in advance and manage the time. And for sure one excuse “that no time for workout ” has certainly been disappeared from their excuse list.

Consistency always pays. So be consistent. You can register for some good running events and can set goals for the specific event.

Don’t forget to include strength training, stretching & proper rest in your schedule for having injury free run.

We all have a different body type so especially in running your competition is with yourself only.  If your endurance OR pace is increasing with time that means you are doing well.   Remember, your pace may be very fast for many and very slow for many so never compare with others.

One thing I noticed that whenever my mood is upset or feeling lethargic and I go for run, I always feel fresh after running.  Give it a try!!

My mantra for fitness is “lage raho”. This is not a destination but a journey so you need to keep moving.