28 February 2020

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REIKI-The science of healing self and others." PART - 1

As the computer virus, and malware enter into system by breaking the defense
mechanism, negative energy breaks into the healthy aura which ultimately
causes diseases, mental tension etc. Such intrusions into our aura system can
be healed/repaired by different sciences... Reiki healing science is one of
them. The name Reiki comes from the Japanese where Rei, means Universal or
God's wisdom or higher power and ki, which means spirit or life force energy.
Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole
body, mind and spirit. Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life
energies and brings health and well being to the recipient . Reiki heals mental
and physical issues. One of the greatest Reiki healing benefits is stress
reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities and
improves and maintains health.

Benefits of Reiki :
Reiki helps to remove energy blockages.
Reiki assists the body in clearing itself of toxins.
Reiki boosts your body's healing mechanism.
It reduces blood pressure, and increases immunity.
Raises the vibrational frequency of the body.
Helps sipritual growth and emotional clearing.
After taking attunement, a practitioner can invoke the divine powers of Reiki to
heal self and others. Reiki is away from any religion as anybody can learn
and practice it for the wellbeing of self and others. Initially, one should practice it
for self healing for at least 21 days. Self healing is very important before you
start healing others. In my opinion, one should learn such a beautiful divine kind
of healing science that really helps in our day to day life, enabling us to manage
our mental, physical, and emotional health. Doing regular practice, one can
create magic in life.

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Mrs. Preeti Sharma is a Reiki Grandmaster,(Gold
Medalist). She is also the NLP PLR practitioner and
Founding Partner of Karmik Healers. She is wife of
Parveen Kumar Sharma (CTO & Consultant-IT, ICAI)