27 February 2020

SECURITY GYAN Bytes : February 2020 : 27th February 2020

Dear Tech Leader,
In the last Security Gyan Byte we have shared the practical ways to avoid
Jamtara types of frauds. Seeing this, one of the Tech friend Austim Gomes
got inspired and he sent an article on avoiding Mobile Hacks.

Avoid losing control of your phone
The Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purportedly fallen victim to hacking
after opening a video message received on WhatsApp. The video reportedly
cracked open access to Bezos’s phone, allowing hackers to siphon away vast
quantities of his personal data.

If the head of one of the biggest technology companies can fall victim to an
attack, what hope do the rest of us have?

Follow these tips to avoid losing control of your phone:
1. Don’t open videos and other links in messages from people you don’t
know well
2. Don’t put off installing the app and operating system updates
3. Don’t back up ALL your data to cloud services
4. Don’t forget to put a PIN on your phone
5. Don’t download apps from anywhere other than official app stores and
double-check the app's authenticity
6. Don’t forget to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone when you leave
the house - you can fall victim to a man in the middle attack
7. Don’t forget to install antivirus on your phone too
8. Don’t give your phone to anyone to use
9. Don’t reuse passwords
10. Don’t surf the internet without an ad-blocker
11. Don’t assume you are always in charge of your phone
12. Don’t have all your money in the bank account you use for Apple/Google
Pay or contactless payments
13. Don’t get your phone repaired at unofficial outlets
14. Don’t assume an iPhone means you are secure

This Gyan-Byte is contributed by Austin Gomes.
He currently heads the IT - Infrastructure &
Information Security at Blue Star Limited. His 20
years of experience involves various technology
deployments and IT Operations in organisations
like Kalpataru (Real Estate), Arshiya (Logistics) and
Shaadi.com (eCommerce). He has led several
transformation projects with prime focus on
creating Business Values.