27 January 2020

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Detox Water - Part-1

In our last health bytes, you would have gain awareness about walking benefits
and I am sure you would have started in routine. This edition will give details
about Detox Water & its usefulness.

What is Detox Water:
Detox water is water that has been infused with the flavors of fresh fruits,
vegetables or herbs. It's sometimes referred to as fruit-infused water or fruit-
flavored water. You can make detox water at home in lots of different ways,
using any combination of fruits, vegetables and herbs that you like.
How to prepare Detox Water:
There are many ways or combinations of vegetables & fruits to prepare Detox
Water & few of them are given below.

1. Cucumber, Lemon, and Basil Water
Although no precise measurements are usually necessary when making
infused water, a good balance of flavors can be achieved with the following
10 cucumber slices
1 lemon slice, cut in half
3 basil leaves
Add the ingredients to a glass or mason jar (approximately 16 ounces/500mL),
fill it with filtered water, and allow it to sit covered in the refrigerator for
approximately 24 hours.

2. Pear, Ginger, and Lime Water
To make pear, ginger, and lime water, add the following ingredients to a glass:
2 slices of pear, cut into smaller pieces
1 slice of lime, cut in half
A 1/4-inch thin slice of ginger
If you would like to bring out more of the gingery taste, try scoring the ginger
piece to release the juice. Add the ingredients to a glass and fill it with water. Let
it sit for 12 to 24 hours before drinking it.

3. Orange and Mint Water
To make orange mint water, place the following ingredients in a glass or cup:
2 slices of peeled orange
2 mint leaves
The pith (the white part under the orange peel) tastes bitter, so be sure to
remove it. Fill it with water and put it in the fridge, covered, for 12 to 24 hours.

4. Cucumber, Lemon, and Mint Water
To make this cucumber-lemon water with a hint of mint, add the following
ingredients to an 8- to 16-ounce glass:
6 slices of cucumber
1 lemon slice, cut in half
mint leaves
Fill the rest of the glass with filtered water. Place it in the fridge, covered, for 12
to 24 hours.
Notes: Removing the pith of the lemon (the white part below the outer bright
yellow skin) before infusing the lemon will prevent the water from becoming

Benefits of Detox Water:
Find below few benefits of Detox Water:
Reduces inflammation
Improves liver function
Boosts energy
Improves digestion
Weight loss.
Toxin removal

This Health Gyan-Byte is contributed by Naresh
Pathak. He is currently associated with ANDRITZ as
CIO- India + South East Asia region. He has more
than 23 years of work experience in the IT industry.
Naresh is a Marathoner & Yoga practitioner and
health freak, creating awareness among people to
live healthy lifestyle.