14 October 2019
Issue 2019.2
Split Screen in Outlook to reply long mail
Many times we receive a long mail which needs to be responded in detail. We
waste lot of time scrolling up and down to see the content of original mail read it
and then reply to it. There is a better way to do it and that is the SPLIT feature in
SPLIT command is not by default available on Quick Access Toolbar (QAT),
so we need to add it.
Right click on Upper part of QAT and click on Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
A new large window will open. It has two lists one on the right side which shows
those commands which are already available on the QAT and the other list is on
the left side which shows commands which are available. By default on the left
side it must be showing Popular Commands. Now open the Choose commands
from dropdown and choose All Commands.
Now type the character S. Now click on the first command starting with S
inside the list. Use Page Down key or scroll down to find the Split command and
click on the Add button.
Click OK to close the dialog.
Now you can see the Split button added to QAT.
Now whenever you are replying to longer mail, click on SPLIT screen. It will Split
your screen in two halves. The upper half is editable. The lower half is Read
Only. The split allocates equal space to upper and lower parts. However, you
can drag the split bar up or down to adjust the space available for your reply and
the rest of the mail content.
When you finish typing, click on the Split button again to remove the split. You
can also double click on the splitter to close it.
Now click in the upper part of the window and start typing your reply.Click on the
bottom part, scroll down, read the context and continue typing the reply in the
upper part.
This method saves lot of time which is wasted in scrolling up and time in two
different windows and you loose the chain of your thoughts. It helps you to
focus on the content not on the navigation.
This Gyan-Byte is contributed by Kamal Karnatak.