12 November 2019
Issue 2019.3
Clipboard Functionality

If we use Microsoft windows, we beleive that there is only ONE clipboard.
WRONG! There are 24 of them if you use Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

We all use EXCEL, Word and other Microsoft products to do our daily office work
and use Copy and Paste commands often. I am about to share the clipboard
feature that you may not be aware of. For example, if we have multiple
spreadsheets that we need to collate in one, we normally open spreadsheets
one by one and keep doing copy and paste in one of the sheet. Sometime, we
forget which files we have already copied and runs in reconciliation process.
There is an easy method to do this without forgetting.

Open the worksheet where you want to paste the content. Click on the
highlighted part to open the clipboard.

Now open the spreadsheet from where you want to copy the content by
pressing Ctrl +C. You will see the copied content in the clipboard.

Open the second spreadsheet and do copy the content by pressing Ctrl +C
(repeat this process of copy for all spreadsheet).

The clipboard window displayed the copied content. Click on button to paste all
content from the clipboard to the page.

This content will also be available on the Word, Power point and Outlook (across
Microsoft family). Now onwards, whenever you copy something, it will
accumulate – it will NOT overwrite the existing clipboard. You can copy even
content from web pages and it will there on the clipboard.

This Gyan-Byte is contributed by Sunil Sirohi